We work with communities in more than 25 countries across the globe in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  We have distributed more than $7 million directly to our grassroots partners serving more than 1 million children. These funds have created a more equal world for children through access to education, healthcare, shelter, opportunity, and love. 

It is time for us to GROW

These last few years have seen the amount of funds we raise for our partners around the world GROW significantly.  We believe it is time to invest in the future of One World and the sustainability and capacity of our inspiring partners.  With your help, we will GROW from raising $1 million a year for children affected by poverty to $5 million a year. These funds will build sustainable and meaningful change through locally grown grassroots solutions, which are proven over time to be the most efficient and effective way to create a more equal world for children. 

100 = 1 million

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