My experience working at OWCF

After more than nine months as an intern it is, unfortunately, time for me to move back to Denmark. I feel lucky to have been a part of this organization where I got the chance to both use and develop my communication and storytelling skills. One World Children’s Fund works with grassroots organizations around the world to create a more equal world.

One of the biggest benefits has been working on different tasks and producing content for different platforms. I have been contributing to the website, social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), a photo essay, an updated media list besides video editing, writing a press release, lay outing flyers, text editing and helped execute a successful charity night.

Shortly after I entered the organization I was given tasks let alone responsibility. My ideas were always welcome and both working from home and in office I felt listened to and as a part of the team.

Together with Rucha Chitnis a story telling project ended up with an interesting photo essay on Bitone Center in Uganda. I transcribed interviews, wrote the first draft, we edited the content together, and I was responsible for the photo captions. My cooperation with both Branco from Uganda and Rucha Chitnis for OWCF ended up with a great result (find the photo essay here).

Not long after I joined the organization I was a part of both planning and executing a charity event – One Night for One World. I got an insight into all the minor details that needed to be taken care off prior to the event, and I got to experience the atmosphere at the event. Mainly I did lay out for some flyers prior to the event and during the event I networked and was responsible for updating social media about the event.

In center of photo: Me at One Night for One World, October 18th 2016

In center of photo: Me at One Night for One World, October 18th 2016

Social media platforms have been a huge part of my effort at OWCF. I have been posting on Facebook through out my entire internship, and I have experienced great feedback from the team about my ideas for posting.

At the end of my time at the organization I have been editing videos from One Night for One World being used in the campaign #WearetheLEADERS and it has been important for me to produce different versions of the videos so they can be used on both the website and social media. Kevin Erdman made the original footage. I therefor created four shorter videos and scheduled them for Facebook posts and one longer video combining all four interviews which is posted here on the website. I have incorporated the longer version in the end of this post.

One of my final tasks has been producing press release from scratch about a school in the local area. I was also responsible for sending the press release to relevant medias. To achieve the best result I researched on both the school, their project and on the local medias. This turned into an updated media list, which OWCF can use in the future for press releases.

I am happy with the results I have been able to create together with the team during the last nine months. And I am happy that I have been a part of an organization with values such as respect, generosity and community that strives for a world where children have access to education, healthcare and feel safe – a brighter future for children all around the world.

If you like to solve a lot of different tasks and if you a not afraid of responsibility and bringing your own ideas to the table, I recommended that you get involved with OWCF.