One World and Our Grassroots Organisations

OWCF has been working hard to support more than 60 grassroots partners around the world for children. Have you ever wondered why we chose to work with them in particular and how much do you know about them?

Grassroots organisations consist of rights-holders and they use collective action to address obstacles to the full realisation of their constituents' rights. They are organised by people who are drawn together by something that they have in common that has both personal and community consequences, and grant themselves the authority to solve the problem they are facing or create the future they desire —— Janis Foster

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There are many advantages of funding at the grassroots level, firstly, better outcomes.

Grassroots organisations often are in the best position to understand and address the underlying and systemic forces at the root of the problem as they are in the very front line for their own community. Secondly, lower costs. Comparing with bigger NGOs that regularly incur the costs of travel, accommodations, temporary consultants, and related expenses, grassroots organisations have lower operating costs.

However, grassroots organisations often do not get enough support due to low publicity and unable to reach to the general public. They often have scattered efforts with minimal results which also bring to another issue of difficulty to find donors. Moreover, as many of them are in small scales and often lack of resources, they are not able to provide official tax refunds and precise annual reports which makes it hard to gain trust from the donors.

Therefore, One World is here to help these grassroots partners to reach to the U.S. and open doors for them to the world by increasing their publicity and help them to fundraise. We work with communities in more than 25 countries across the globe in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  We have helped to distribute more than $7 million directly to our grassroots partners serving more than 1 million children. These funds have created a more equal world for children through access to education, healthcare, shelter, opportunity, and love.


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