Support Girls and Women’s Rights Starting from Today

How Grassroot Organisations Empower Rights of Women


While we are living in a society with equal gender rights, this is not the same case in other parts of the world.

How bad is the case?

  • Among all the girls around the world, only around 30% of them have made it to secondary education

  • More than 66% of all university students are male

  • In some African countries, fewer than 1 out of 200 women can get into universities

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 49 million girls are out of primary and secondary education

The shocking high number of uneducated girls worldwide is worrying. Without proper education, girls cannot fully develop their potentials and it will be difficult to them to find a job. Therefore, One World has been very involved with supporting grassroot organisations in empowering girls and women in countries where they lack access to resources. They provide both mental care and actual resources for the girls living in poverty to receive better and richer education. Three of the many organisations are introduced below to show how they help the people in need.


Akili Dada

Akili Dada aims to recognise women’s rights and empower women’s leadership. 103 girls are awarded with comprehensive scholarships to Kenya’s top national schools, and 100% of them have graduated and moved on to universities successfully. Girls can develop their potentials by attending educational programmes on skills training and leadership development, or joining mentorship programmes.


Mubarika Campus

The mission of Mubarika Campus is to provide rich education for poor children in Pakistan, especially girls. Over 1,000 children in 13 villages in rural Pakistan are benefitted. Girls can receive vocational trainings through additional programmes. With higher investment, students’ capacity can be increased and facilities can be improved.


Women in Technology Uganda

In a hope to get young women out of poverty, Women in Technology Uganda provides them with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) and business education, then connects them to digital jobs. It provides industry-related training opportunities, mentoring and networking opportunities in a way that women could come and learn from each other.


The goal of One World is to empower organisations like them to promote the equal rights and opportunities of women in the modern society. If you want to give them a helping hand, don’t hesitate to donate to One World, or check out the One World’s partner list and support these organisations!