Qian Zhen Memorial Scholarship, China

PAN Qianqian is a Scholar whom we selected in 2012, her sophomore year. She is the only child of a low income worker’s family. Since high school, she had worked in various factories doing menial tasks to help alleviate her parent's financial burden. She has always been studying hard, winning academic awards since middle school.

After joining the Qian Zheng Memorial Scholarship, she was able to reduce her hours in part-time jobs as a tutor and had time to take up classes during the summer quarter in math modeling and electronic design. She also used part of the scholarship funds to buy technology textbooks on subjects not covered in her curriculum. She leads the robotics club at her university and regularly participates in modeling and robotics competitions.

In early 2015, PAN Qianqian was chosen as a candidate to enter the PhD program at Southeast University, Nanjing, without examination, majoring in Signal and Information Processing. She has co-authored two academic papers and has presented at an international academic conference.

Though she is soft-spoken and has a shy personality, she has been actively participating in all the group video conferences and often contributes thoughtful topics in advance. During the calls, she appears well prepared to express herself in English. As a recognition for her efforts, she was granted one of the two special scholarship, in the form of an 8-week online course called Confident Communicator, taught by Silicon-Valley-based Femgineer , which takes place in May-June 2016.